Deuter finally opens in Cebu


Pronounced as (doy’ter)

A couple of months back Lara and myself were lucky enough to have been invited to the opening of the first Deuter concept store in Cebu City. A concept store opening is already exciting news but for those already brand aware about Deuter, this was something special.

Getting A Deuter

I first learned about Deuter when I was starting out on outdoor activities and was about to take my first major. I needed a backpack then and after heavy thought, got myself a Deuter.

Then, functionality and cost were the deciding factors for my choice. And I honestly think that it still is. The only difference now is that with the opening of the concept store the technology behind Deuter is more easily made available and explained to prospecting buyers. This is important to consider because Deuter is now a 117 year old passion venture. How any enterprise could exist for a long period of time is a testament to their craftmanship. Their goal as they say is “to build perfect companions for people who are passionate” when it comes to sports and other outdoor activities.

The Deuter Fit System

If you’re looking for a backpack, however diverse your needs, consider Deuter in your options. They are located in the Active Zone of Ayala Center Cebu right beside Chris Sports.

Get help on choosing a pack and make sure to ask about the Deuter Fit System technology. This system ensures that you get a better fit, get sufficient ventilation and function for maximum, customized comfort. Did I say they are now on their 117th year?

The Fit System isn’t the only one they carry. They have their packs especially designed for women (otherwise known as the SL series), packs for children and a variety of other choices for day to day use.

Remember, a backpack is one of the most basic gear that everyone needs thus your choice needs to be the best that you can make, from the best available nonetheless.

Have fun!


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Climbing Mount Danglay in Samar

Largely unknown to the mountaineering community in the country, Mount Danglay is a reverberating call to summit for mountaineers and hikers within the nearby localities of Tacloban and Basey, Samar. She is a sight to behold; filling a panoramic frame of a busy city port in stark contrast to the still waters of Cancabato Bay which divides the provinces of Leyte and Samar, the multitude of sea birds over outrigger canoes, and the vibrant municipality of Basey right across.

Being born and raised in Tacloban, my fascination with climbing her is grounded on reason more personal than the common one. This time, it is a gesture of respect for a mountain evident in the lives of anyone coming from Tacloban. A mountain I could have called home had I started early in this pursuit of mountains.

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