Mt. Danglay, the Climb Itinerary


Mt. Danglay as seen from a far-off distance.

Mt. Danglay has been a dream climb of mine as far as I could remember. She sits right across the Cantabato Bay which divides the islands of Leyte and Samar. For the most part, she’s hard to miss. Sometime 2015, I finally had the pleasure of finally climbing her. I hope this itinerary list and added information would help locals and visitors alike.

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22. February 2018 by Renerio
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Deuter finally opens in Cebu


Pronounced as (doy’ter)

A couple of months back Lara and myself were lucky enough to have been invited to the opening of the first Deuter concept store in Cebu City. A concept store opening is already exciting news but for those already brand aware about Deuter, this was something special.

Getting A Deuter

I first learned about Deuter when I was starting out on outdoor activities and was about to take my first major. I needed a backpack then and after heavy thought, got myself a Deuter.

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11. September 2016 by Renerio
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