The Sacrosanct Presidency

I think the Philippines clearly deserve Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III as our new President. Not because of his track record nor his capacity to govern but rather because the majority of our brothers and sisters thought he was better than the rest. The fact that Joseph Estrada came in 2nd further fixates my belief that we, the Filipinos, do not deserve anything better yet, and not anytime soon. For how can we, when we started again on the wrong foot – opting to choose a President whose achievements amounts to none. Relying on Cory Magic, his star studded entourage and his sister Kris Aquino. Those Filipinos, with the capacity to change, with the option to make our nation a better place for everyone to live, should and must delay gratification as necessary and sacrifice – as the rest of us poor ilk – for the bigger good that we all deserve.

This elections was my first time to vote and never have I felt as hopeless for our plight. Constantly we gnarl and mumble on how hard it is to live within these times. And as it seems, we are set for the same within the next 6 years.

I see myself as one as an optimist, I am one because I am powerful with myself. I have the capacity to change my life. But I cannot undo what the majority of us has. A wrong decision induced by mindless, baseless, the false sense of belief and deliverance by one man. A man who took it unto him that the belief of many will be all that it takes to empower change. It takes a lot more than that clearly. Leaders take action, they entice, they bring hope, they deliver.

I am a Filipino and I write as one. I am with the rest of us and nor I am not bitter. I welcome Noynoy as our new President and I am willing to work with him in my own small ways. This is not a change of heart as how I put it down with the first two paragraphs. Instead I write it as it is, that,

For truth is our reality. That which is false is unreal. The more clearly we see the reality with our country, the better equipped we are. The more our minds are befuddled  by falsehood, misperceptions and illusions – the less able we will be to determine correct courses of action and make wise decisions.

12. May 2010 by Renerio
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