Succinctly December – After A Break

Everything has been whirlwind since my last post. It figures right, some blogs are not to be maintained. Not this one though, no. This serves as my pad of notes (for lack of a better word) or space if you will.

Alot of things have happened since then – in RL of course.  School has been great, it pays to do something you like, learn from it. Live it and hopefully, be it. Education may be expensive as they say, but you certainly don’t want to try ignorance. Everything of course hasn’t been a walk at the park. We’ve had to dabble and research at least 30 cases per week. Read through the lengthy spirit of the law like we actually had enough time for ourselves. Doing those in between work and sleep is the most challenging part. Finding time for it. I believe things do come easy for some people. If I was at home, then I wouldn’t have to go through the menial daily chores which, do those actually define our lives?

But I’ve had the same as an outlet, believe it. When you live alone, some days can get boring. I remember being happy to be out and get some groceries.

So school, back to it. It will take a while. The executive class is a 5 year module – tops. So when we factor in failed subjects (reminds me that I’m currently a probationary student) and the same, then that can take around 6-8 years. I’d be 30 something by then. But I’m not complaining as it seems that I’m still in track in this race of a life.

How do you define life? I define as making the best out of it, making the best of yourself. Mediocrity is a sin! Another point I consider is to be able to help others. Those two are my main locus standi in the spirit of living.

I knew this would be lengthy, I’ll get back to you with another, soon. Hopefully.

14. December 2010 by Renerio
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