Budlaan to Sirao, A Trail Blaze Climb

sirao peak

Mei2 at Sirao Peak.

I would say, and I might always, that I do not conquer mountains nor peaks for they are not my enemies, instead I befriend them as I feel no more at home when I summit them. Then they welcome me with the grandeur of what I have overcome to have visited them.

Last April 11, I was all psyched up to trailblaze a route from Budlaan to Sirao Peak or find one. While less than merry because we were short of company, the experience was still exhilarating at most, fun at worst.

Budlaan Falls

Budlaan Falls was captivating, both in splendor and the horror of her damage from our hands.

budlaan falls

The Majestic Budlaan Falls nevermind the garbage everywhere.

 Kanirag Peak

I though of Kanirag as friendly, almost extending a beckoning hand, but he was not that easy to summit. A mid-afternoon assault imposed heavily on us the howling heat of the sun and unfriendly tall grasses pocking our hands and faces when they could. Bring an umbrella when you can!

budlaan to sirao summit attempt

The tall cogon grasses are the last of your worries. The peak is a few minutes ahead.

The reward however was breathtaking. The 700m summit offered a shade, cool afternoon breeze with a majestic landscape view of Cebu City and her northern regions.

budlaan to sirao kanirag nature park

Kan-Irag Nature Park has been closed for years now, sadly.


28. April 2012 by Renerio
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