Charity Climb at Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak Sunrise photo

I liken the feeling of getting gifts and surprises as this photo. I hope we made children happy that day. – The sunrise at Osmena Peak.

The views from Osmena Peak are as picturesque as any and being the highest point in the Cebu Province makes it a hotbed for campers and trekkers all year round. The trail is well established and the peak can be reached within 45 minutes of leisurely ascents and a cool breeze through your face.

It’s an easy climb.

In Mantalongon Market, where the jump-off to the peak commences, the warm welcome of the children will break you to a smile. To some of the visitors they are plainly children who serve as pathfinders or provide water provisions where in truth they offer something more, kinship. Kinship borne out of the night outs amidst food and laughter throughout your visits. They will bring out the child in you and they in turn will be mesmerized at how urban you are.

But if you are paying close attention, you will know why they are in the mountains with you.

Charity Climb

For the mountaineering club MALAKAT Outdoors, the call to social responsibility is an easy one. The club raised funds from colleagues, family members and friends to give out school supplies in time with the opening of the school year. 1&1 Internet Philippines, where MALAKAT is recognized as an official club, championed the needs of 50 children who needed the supplies most.

The rest of the funds went to another 50 children, snacks and portage.

buKID Charity Climb Picture

Maam Alice (in green) from the Mantalongon Elementary School Department handing out the school supplies.

So last June 8, 2013, 35 members and participants from the club in coordination with the staff of Mantalongon Elementary School treated the children to a day of smiles and fun activity. Melvin Delima, in charge of activity proper, gave a brief background of the club and entertained both children and adults with games to a resounding sound of fun and laughter. The handing of the school supplies came next promptly followed by snacks and other treats.

It was a bright and sunny day for everyone even when it was actually raining.

MALAKAT Group Picture at the buKID Charity Climb


MALAKAT Outdoors reaffirms that this is only the start. With continued support, the club will carry on what they started as the children from the highlands of Mantalongon will always have a soft spot in their hearts.

(Renerio A. de Dios Jr/Photos by Kim Bolongaita)

18. June 2013 by Renerio
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