Hey Day and an Alexa Rank Update

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Alexa Logo
” Alexa is perhaps best known for the Alexa Rank – the website ranking system which tracks over 30 million websites worldwide. The Alexa Rank and other metrics allow site owners to benchmark their sites and give consumers, marketers and advertisers metrics to evaluate websites for media buying, partnerships, and other business opportunities.Alexa’s traffic estimates are based on a diverse sample of millions of worldwide internet users using thousands of different types of toolbars and add-ons for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.”

Alexa Rank Update

Alexa updated their list just recently – probably within the last 24-48 hours and well enough of a reason to blogpost. This blog last reached the 500K mark back 3 years ago when I wrote about tech tips and howto’s, dropped to as much as 1.5M after I went on hiatus. It has been an uphill climb since then.

I feel positive that the rank will continue to improve as I see myself writing more of phmud, mountaineering, MALAKAT, trips with Lara and the occasional insights on things as they come about within the coming months. 2014 will be alot more diverse seeing that I hope to be able to write more about another passion of mine; One which requires a lot of time for introspect.

Other Blogs

Two of my other blogs also gained some rank, one now on the 700K mark and the other on 900K. Both were around at 2M prior to the update. The odd thing though is that a bump on your Alexa rank does not equate to more hits or whatnot to your site. This is what I’ve noticed before and is still my view now.

Alot of ranking sites take Alexa Rank in consideration though so I’m not fretting that much.

What about you, how’d the update go?

  • http://twitter.com/flippy0721 Philip Andrew Mayol (@flippy0721)

    Reveal your secret. LOL!

  • http://www.mykemulles.com/ Myke Ian Mulles

    I really believe that the internet is a goldmine of information. Thanks for posting this!