Climbing Mount Danglay in Samar

Largely unknown to the mountaineering community in the country, Mount Danglay is a reverberating call to summit for mountaineers and hikers within the nearby localities of Tacloban and Basey, Samar. She is a sight to behold; filling a panoramic frame of a busy city port in stark contrast to the still waters of Cancabato Bay which divides the provinces of Leyte and Samar, the multitude of sea birds over outrigger canoes, and the vibrant municipality of Basey right across.

Being born and raised in Tacloban, my fascination with climbing her is grounded on reason more personal than the common one. This time, it is a gesture of respect for a mountain evident in the lives of anyone coming from Tacloban. A mountain I could have called home had I started early in this pursuit of mountains.

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03. April 2015 by Renerio
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Mt APO, the End of an Expedition

This is part 2 of 2 of our Mt. APO expedition climb log. Read part 1 here, Climbing Mt APO, Our Turn

Morning at the Summit

Morning wasn’t any better and waking up to the cold weather seemed as if time had stood still to when we first arrived. Absent was the soothing warmth of morning; instead the earth was damp, the air cold and misty with a drizzle to complement a morning we would all rather sleep to. I thought about holding off the descent but reconsidered since our guides knew better.
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23. October 2014 by Renerio
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