Away from the Garden

We recently decided to add a room to our clan hall and I volunteered myself without hesitation. I wanted the room to  draw a feeling of leaving the pond and coming to an area without giving away that this was where our lockers are stored.

There are a few references to the Coven in it and I even decided to add in some hint of Philippine folklore but Abaddon didn’t see it fitting. The few texts took me a few days to finish – in between the usual everyday stuff. I’m happy with the result but less satisfied that it awfully took a long time to finish.

A break from the garden

A break through the garden takes you to a small clearing with sunless glaze and utter silence. Chiseled wooden chairs circle the center with frail black emboldened Coven markings and the iconic numeral 13, etched in deep red, catching your interest.  Hollowed frames, or as it seem, appear to break off from the surroundings, captivating the stillness of your gaze with design apparently forged from non mortal hands, a gift from the gods as it seems. The nondescript artistry feign similarity from the Tookish Elvish design common throughout the land and the undecipherable markings implying the work of demigods. The pentagram in each frame glow lightly as you approach it as if discerning its master from interlopers. The frames appear to follow you throughout as you walk through, then slowly you understand the semblance of things as envisioned by its makers.

Obvious Exits :  South

06. January 2011 by Renerio
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