Phormer Photo Gallery SEO Hack

” This is one of a series of old posts culled from WaybackMachine. Somehow, sometime, managing a couple of websites can be a daunting boring task, so some days were like, nay the backups. ”

Phormer Photo Gallery SEO Hack

Phormer, the PHP without MySQL PhotoGallery Manager

Phormer Photo Gallery

Is an excellent photo gallery software considering the fact that it was last updated January of 2007. While it may have it’s fair share of shortcomings, most of those are overshadowed by the extensive capabilities it offers and the semantic approach to design by the author.

SEO Hack

Earlier tonight as I was updating my photo gallery I noticed that it lacks the Description META Tag (among others) for Search Engine Optimization. Keen on wanting to have this option for a fully functional website, I made some code hacking on the scripts with good results.

Below is a quick howto:

1. Create a backup of your existing funcs.php
2. Edit funcs.php and on line 1107, add the following code.

      • <META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”Your descriptive sentence or two goes here.”>

3. Save your changes and your done.
4. Verify your changes.

      • on Firefox: Tools – Page Info – Description
      • on IE6 : View – Source

Hope this helps.

11. October 2011 by Renerio
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