Lullaby II

When I watch you sleep
Deep within the folds
Of your blanket of dreams,
You do not heed my sinister eyes
That intrude your illusions,
Your virtual creations,
Your soul.

You are unharmed
In your oasis of slumber
Where ghosts are not welcome
And there is no semblance
Of pain in purity
In subconscious paradise

You are unaware of my existence
As I watch you,
The rise and fall of a candlelight sun
Against the shadows of your landscape
Composed by the pit and summit
Of your every breath

You are unaware of my invasion
Into your dreamspun castles
Where you are the king
Courted by lullabies

You do not know
That on those fragile moments
When your eyes are closed,
My universe is the space
Wrapped around you
Where I can be awake forever
Watching you sleep.

* Disclaimer: These are the original works of Tals Diaz and previously published from a page no longer online.

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