There is a space
Between eyeblinks
Between breaths between fingers on a hand
Between hands clasped in prayer

There is a space
Before laughter becomes a sigh,
An infinite excitement
Within the space of a soul-kiss

There is a space
Between a devil’s horns
And an angel’s wings

A space between
The slivers of rain
And the rays of the sun

Between words
Between sentences
Between chapters
And volumes
There is a space

Between the left and right side
Of the brain
Before the thought and the action
Between today and tomorrow

There is a space
Before a high
Between atomic songs
Between neon light streaks
Painted on walls of hedonist palaces
Between Friday night and Saturday dawn

When you think about it
Love letters mean nothing
If there is no space, no distance
Between two people
Two lives
Two worlds

And there are no dreams
If there is no space between heaven and earth
Between stars
And constellations
Between planets
Between galaxies

And there is no growth
Without the space
Between pain and risk

There is a space
Between you and I

What is space, then, but nothing—
It means nothing
Nothing at all
Without the entities that create it.

* Disclaimer: These are the original works of Tals Diaz and previously published from a page no longer online.

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