The Book of Aggression: Chapter III of III

Aggression, the Death Knight

Aggression, the Death Knight

You snap to! You realize you were dreaming yet awake! Where did that story come from? You open your eyes to see the being before you speaking to you. He coldly continues…

“When all the societies were reborn the spirit of Aggression had coalesced into a sentient being. It scoured the world for a host, a body. It came across a young squire who was well versed in the good ways of the knighthood. His mind was pure, body was ripe and the spirit of aggression took this form for his own. From that time on he was known as Aggression the Death Knight.

“Through the thirteen or so decades that he existed in this form he turned the brotherhood of death knights into something it had never been, a revered entity. His kights sinister honor drove him on endlessly. It gave fruit to his epic quests of daring, quests of skill, and quests for knowledge.

Aggression concludes, I came forth from the nothingness in the form of a human male. I am driven from within and from without. I make my own paths, and heed little of society since it is fleeting. Paths taken cannot be untaken. Those who tell you not to take chances, they are all missing on what life is about. You only live once so take hold of the chalice and drink up of this life before it runs you out.

.. . ..

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