Connecting to ravenMUD

Provided you already have downloaded gMUD, (see instructions here if you missed it: Mud Clients) the file should already come as setup by default to connect to Raven. If that is not the case, then follow the steps below.

How to Connect to RavenMUD

  1. Open GMUD32.EXE by double clicking on it from the folder where you placed it.
  2. Click File >> Connect from the gMUD menu. (view screenshot)
  3. If “ravenMUD” doesn’t show under “Mud Name”, click Add, then type in ravenMUD. (view screenshot)
    If ravenMUD shows under the list, proceed to step 5.
  4. Type in for the hostname and 6060 for the port. (view screenshot)
  5. Click Connect.

Completing the steps above should connect you to the game. I personally recommend checking out the video tutorial for more information. You’d thank me later if you do. :) (view basics tutorial)

Have fun mudding!

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