Mud Clients

Mud Clients are programs which provide a dual-window or split-window system with part of the screen devoted to incoming text and a small lower window or section reserved for out-going text from the user. Other options include saving a session to disk, macros to shortcut tasks, and the capability to connect to more than one site. You can open and close connections through typed commands or pull down menu options. Each client comes with documentation on how to establish connections and use their features. Each client provides you with a more enjoyable, easy means of mudding than the standard Telnet.

The interface is similar to chat programs (mIRC, yahoo messenger, and skype – the difference however is that mud clients are for gaming while the examples listed are for chatting.)

Recommended MUD Client

For starters, I recommend using GMUD which you can download here. download gmud
  1. Download the zip file to any location you want, preferably to your desktop.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the contents.
  3. Setup the connection settings. (By default, I’ve already setup the connection settings on the gmud file you downloaded. All you would need to do is connect immediately. If this would not be the case for you, please refer to the instructions below.)
If you have a hard time setting up gMUD or if the default settings are not present, please refer to the following link:  Connecting to ravenMUD.

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