The Book of Aggression: Chapter I of III

Before the sun was given her path, before the moon was set to motion, before time received her wings, before rain fell, before blood flowed, before lands were wrought, before stars shown, the seed of aggression was planted in the world. Aggression plays a role in everything known and unknown. The seed that is his seed has affected everything, everywhere, everywhen.

As you look at this being, you are disturbed to the core. What is he? Where does he come from? What roads does it take? Are there others? Is he alive? Dead? Is he Death? or his disciple? You imagine that this being may be above the topics of these thoughts. While you ponder these questions, you realize the being before you is staring right back at you, through you even. You close your eyes and are taken aback. What was that?, you ask yourself. You think it resembled a man, a human man vaguely. The thought sends chills throughout you. But such a thing can’t be man, can it?,” you ask yourself in disbelief knowing the answer before you asked the question.

You think about the instant he was gazing at you, through you. What did he see? What did you reveal? What does he want? Does he intend harm to you? Direct? Indirect? What type of powers does he have? His terribleness breaks your train of thought for a moment. Yes. rings in your mind but for a moment. Did you really hear that? You didn’t think it, then who did…

Your eyes fly open and land on him. He’s still stareing through you. Did he say that? Did he make you think it? By the gods! You look him in the eyes, you think, but at that instant everything goes dark yet you see. You see the elements. You see chaos, anarchy, desire, kings, lands, fire and water. As soon as that thought fades you hear a deep, sinister laugh. It mocks you to the core. You turn away and the laughing stops.

Did you really hear it?

.. . ..

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12. November 2011 by Renerio
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