RavenMUD is something which I have been passionate about for the last 15 or so years. While so it has been, I can still vividly remember the first time I was captivated by both the intricacy and simplicity of the game.

Though no longer  active as before, RavenMUD is like your favorite ice cream for me. You get to try alot of new flavors as time fleets through but the favorite one will forever be with you.

And so itt is my hope that others will get to experience and enjoy the game as much as I have. If reading a good book and roleplaying are some of your interests, chances are this game is for you.

For starters and a quick gist,

RavenMUD is like reading a good book – you immerse yourself in the storyline and lose yourself within the realm. The main difference however is that you decide for yourself how the story extends on.

Ready to try out Raven? Browse through the following pages for the basics:

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